Technology Team Equipment Achivements
  • Technology

    National production, high cost performance and customization are the unique advantages of the company's chip products.

    Silicon microlens series products are in a leading position in China. More than 90% of domestic optical module companies are Suna customers, and more than 7 million units have been shipped in batches.

  • Technology
    The third company in the world to successfully launch a spherical silicon microlens/aspheric silicon microlens manufacturer for 400G modules


Suna Optoelectronics currently employs nearly 100 people,
including many doctors and masters.

Company is hosting and participating in a number of scientific research projects, including the national key research and development plan, the key project of the Jiangsu Province key research and development plan, the scientific research project of the Gusu Laboratory of Materials Science, etc. The total funding of the project is nearly 100 million yuan.

Government project cooperation
  • Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province-Foresight and Common Key Technologies

  • Suzhou "Ganjiang Sword Casting" Project

  • Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province-Industry Competition Project

  • Materials Science Gusu Laboratory Scientific Research Project

  • Chinese Academy of Sciences-STS Project

  • Various R&D subsidies and incentives in Suzhou


Professional clean workshop 1000m2, covering the entire chain of chip front and back process capabilities and reliability verification equipment.